About Us

CMA is a cybersecurity reseller aiming to strengthen, modernize, and secure federal IT through a comprehensive sales approach, deep knowledge of public sector procurement, and the best technology partners in the Beltway.

With over 30 years in public sector procurement, CMA is unparalleled in managing complex contracting situations, navigating the FAR, and maintaining the latest knowledge of federal guidelines, standards, and mandates. And to top it all off, our team brings a creative approach to acquisition with our CMA’s IT Modernization Program, helping you to get what you need with the budget that you have.

We’ve carefully scrutinized each technology partner on our line card, ensuring that when you work with CMA, you are receiving the solution that will result in the best outcomes.

Likewise, our collaborative solutions architects will work with you side-by-side to meticulously select the right combination of products and services to meet your agency’s requirements and address your concerns.