Carefully Curated Channel Relationships

We are very prescriptive and deliberate with the technologies we choose to provide. Each OEM on our line card has been carefully vetted by our team of experts. This ensures that our customers are receiving best-in-class solutions and that our OEM partners are receiving our undivided attention.

Collaborative Solutions Architecting

Our collaborative solutions architects are always working with other industry engineers, collaborating to develop more unique and robust solutions and sharing expertise in their respective solution areas, resulting in the best outcomes for our federal customers.

Creative Approach to Acquisition Through CMA Technology Fund

We understand the nuances of marrying budgets with top-notch cybersecurity investments. With our CMA Technology Fund, we can work together to develop a creative way to get you the desired results, even if your budget doesn’t feel proportional to your cybersecurity needs.

Concierge for the Deals Desk

We’re experienced sales professionals who understand the sophistication of your product, the intricacies of the deals desk, and the creativity of the buy. You’ll never need to hold our hands!

From quoting, CLINs, margin, uplift, YoY pricing, and escalation, CMA can act as your pricing jockey. 

Complex Contracting and Federal Procurement Expertise

With over 30 years of experience in federal procurement, we are experts at contracting the FAR. Our extensive FAR knowledge uniquely positions us to assist our partners with FAR compliance, avoiding penalties and legal issues, as well as maintaining good standing with the
federal government.