Technology Fund

CMA Technology strategically developed a Federal Technology Fund that enables agencies and technology vendors to re-imagine the way they buy and sell technology.   The federal government is on a Fast-Track to update and modernize its aging information technology infrastructure, however the availability of funding, Capital Expenditure (Cap Ex) or Operations and Maintenance (Op Ex), at government agencies have not kept pace. Agency budgets should not be a limiting factor in modernization planning or acquisition timing.  The Technology Fund can and will accelerate agencies ability to procure and use technology that deliver mission critical capabilities today. The Technology Fund’s most basic function will allow vendors to be more creative with cash in hand, delivering lower cost models so government agencies are able to replace legacy systems and successfully meet their digital transformation objectives.

How it works

CMA Life Cycle

Step 1

CMA accesses capital from Fund

Step 2

CMA negotiates and procures all mission assets upfront (hardware, software and services) – Lowers TCO

Step 3

CMA implements solution – Accelerates mission requirements

Step 4

Agency payments issued thru Base+option period of performance, matching budget availability, fiscal cycles and life-cycle of assets.

Step 5

CMA repays Fund with contract cash flows

NAVWAR Success Story ----------> Cross Domain

June 2019

CMA receives 5-year award valued in excess of $6M from the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR), PMW 790 Shore Tactical Assured Command and Control Program for Forcepoint cybersecurity solution.


The US Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR), PMW 790 Shore Tactical Assured Command and Control Program required software subscription and support services to address critical system deficiencies. The technical requirements were very stringent and the customer had an urgent need for a rapid procurement.  The Program had limited fiscal year funds in order to afford the complete purchased price.


CMA collaborated early on with Forcepoint to develop an in-depth understanding of the customer’s technical requirements, acquisition strategies, and funding constraints. The Forcepoint technical team built a solid technical solution that addressed the customer’s needs.

CMA addressed the acquisition by:

  • Leveraging the use of the NASA SEWP GWAC contract
  • CMA developed a base plus four option year, structured CLIN pricing model, that matched the customer’s fiscal funding.
  • CMA fulfilled the obligation for the total 5-year technology cost by accessing its Technology Fund. Leveraging the fund helped drive best pricing with a cash upfront order.
  • The acquisition was fast-tracked in less than thirty days and the customer received all technology assets upfront to address their critical system deficiencies.
  • Customer gained best pricing and repayment flexibility throughout the option years.
DISA Success Story ----------> Email Security

June 2019

CMA receives 5-year award valued in excess of $19M from Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) for Enterprise-Wide FireEye Email Security solution.


The Government required refreshed hardware and the most up to date software and support that would seamlessly integrate into the existing Zero Day Network Defense architecture. The ZND-E system provides email security capabilities to over 4.5 million users by protecting all of Department of Defense (DoD) email domains, to include Defense Enterprise Email.  The ZND-E program’s primary mission is to protect against all advanced threats, including phishing, impersonation, and spam. The system is designed to detect threats that are missed by signature-based solutions.


The main objective for this strategic acquisition was standardization, less footprint, budget predictability and lower cost. FireEye and CMA delivered a complete technology refresh across the enterprise to create feature and technology parity throughout the DISA datacenters, driving performance improvement with less technology footprint and the most advantageous pricing.  The total cost of ownership was reduced by 15% due to the Technology Fund and CMA’s access to capital in order to advance cash up-front.  This critical ingredient helped define the strategic pricing and base plus four option year funding structure.

Key’s to success:

  • Technology standardization, resulting in consistent performance metrics
  • Base plus four option year fixed pricing contract, driving budget predictability
  • Significantly less physical technology deployed, reducing cost, power and cooling
  • Customer gained best pricing and payment flexibility throughout the option year contract.
DOJ Success Story ----------> Platform as a Service

June 2019

CMA receives 5-year award valued in excess of $29M from Department of Justice - Justice Management Division (JMD) for an on Premise - Hosted Platform as as Service.


In 2019, JMD was seeking an as-a-service refresh to a large-scale platform, integrated hardware, software and professional services, to provide a scalable database management engine for their systems and applications.  The major systems include the Financial Management Information System, the Department Rent Management System, the Justice Enterprise Data Integration, and the Justice Data Act Governance Solution.

JMD required CMA to provide a reliable, responsive, and cost-effective hosted infrastructure and services for approved processing locations.  JMD’s goal was to provide a dynamically scalable on-demand service approach that will readily adjust to changes in processing and throughput requirements.


CMA partnered with Teradata Corporation, the world's leading analytics data-solution company focused on integrated data warehousing, big data analytics, and architecting applications that provide actionable business intelligence.

The solution included a 12 node Production System, a 2 node Test and Development system and Back-Up and Recovery systems.

CMA and Teradata delivered a unique as-a-service delivery model that included a structured payment outline bunding all the hardware, software and maintenance support services.

Key’s to success:

  • Alleviated capital outlays and converted to as-a-service OPEX model
  • Standardized DOJ JMD on analytics life-cycle, eliminating 3 year capital intensive budgeting process.
  • Saved DOJ JMD over 6M in IT recurring IT costs and pricing variability
  • Eliminated the burdens of infrastructure and software ownership

Value to Government

More so today than ever, Government agencies are receptive to agile acquisition methodologies and creative payment arrangements as the best and most impactful means to modernize technology.  As-a-Service, utility computing and cloud are shifting the conversation from conventional sales.  The paradigm shift has put new financial pressures on industry solution providers and therefore changing the way technology assets are bought and sold thru the supply chain. 

Key benefits to government:

  • Accelerates implementation of on or off premise mission-critical technology and refreshes
  • Overcomes challenges related to Cap Ex budget limitations and upfront cash outlays
  • Payment flexibility and cost predictability
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Procurement efficiency, less administration and buying logistics

Value to Vendors

The Fund is built around vendor selling objectives and customer buying challenges. We assess federal market trends and transaction-specific situations to integrate financial options into selling methodologies and proposals.  By leveraging the Technology Fund, CMA Technology produces significant buying power to orchestrate bulk purchases and as necessary convert traditional buys to a more flexible pay-as-you-go model for the government.

Benefits to vendors:

  • Accelerates sales bookings and revenue recognition for best pricing strategies
  • Transform capital assets into opex billed contracts
  • Helps close and upsize deals sooner with current available funds
  • Helps differentiate solutions from the competition
  • CMA Technology assumes annual fiscal funding and FAR termination risks

We have also launched a Technology Fund sales support program that quickly and efficiently, provides both strategic vision, training and tactical field level support necessary to maximize success. The program focuses on identification and cultivation of incremental sales.