Program Overview

Integrating the Technology and Financial Sale

Due to federal modernization efforts, the technology and financial sale are aligned more closely than ever before.  Agencies expect solutions that not only fit mission requirements with the value of technology but also the value with the economics of the solution.  If you sell technology and services that require cost benefit justification, creative deal structuring (within the world of the FAR), and innovative ways to overcome budget shortfalls, CMA Technology’s Modernization Program is ripe for you.

Our modernization philosophy is clear and simple: we make technology easier to sell and easier to buy. We increase vendor sales teams’ and federal buyers’ acquisition and financial know how that result in new and creative ways technology can be bought and sold.  CMA Technology changes the old school DNA of federal acquisition through strategy workshops, targeted mission requirements, sales tools and on-going field support.

The mission is to focus on three core functions as follows:

Program Overview

Assess & Identify

Analyze agency’s current sector of IT. Understand the details of the procurement cycle; buying patterns, contract vehicles and acquisition framework. Identify technology and funding gaps within the environment; technologies used or lack thereof, future roadmap and strategic agency initiatives.
Program Overview

Recommend & Propose

We leverage our strength in vendor partnerships, technical expertise and our Technology Fund to match the unique requirements of the agency mission. The technologies are mapped to the most advantageous acquisition structure than includes RFQ blueprint, period of performance, contract vehicle and standard buy versus As-a-Service and Cloud options.
Program Overview

Procure & Deploy

Agency adopts technology from CMA Technology or strategic vendors. We work intimately with agency teams to streamline implementation in accordance with statement of work plans and roadmap.