Other Acquisition Vehicles

We work with select organizations in support of acquisitions that employ Other Transaction Agreements (“OTAs”). OTAs are a unique federal contractual instrument. They have flexible rules for organizations to develop innovative product prototypes and pilots as well as pursue research and development opportunities for the government. OTAs can be awarded to individual entities or to consortiums, including consortiums formed specifically to perform a specific OTA. These OTAs frequently present the opportunity for parties to carefully craft and tailor the contract to maximize efficiencies and facilitate the effectiveness of the program, and they are not subject to the procurement laws or regulations (including the Federal Acquisition Regulation or FAR). Consequently OTAs are touted as the “freedom to contract” and often are perceived to be less stringent than typical federal procurement contracts.

CRADAs or Cooperative Research and Development Agreements allow organizations to work jointly with the government and other organizations optimize research and protect research rights for a period of time.