Today, sales executives with technology companies are faced with many challenges. Meeting revenue growth objectives is becoming increasingly more difficult. Accelerated procurement cycles in government means your company must quickly reach your target audience – before the competition – with your message. Reaching the buyer first can mean the difference between success or failure. Webinars have become an effective medium to deliver your marketing message to a broad audience and generate qualified sales leads.

CMA Webinar Service

Our on-line webinar service is designed to help market your enterprise solutions in the government market. It is a proven cost-effective solution to rapidly reach customers and prospects worldwide with your marketing message. We provide support for the content development, and perform all audience acquisition, program management and sales follow-up to insure a successful event. 

A distinct feature of our Webinar Program, when compared to the competiton, is our targeting to smaller groups of qualified prospects. We have learned from our over 10 years experience conducting hundreds of webinars that smaller, focused and more frequent events are more productive and less costly that large scale, less frequent events.


  • Provides a faster time to market with your message
  • Offers a broad worldwide reach to customers, prospects and channel partners
  • Live recording of the webinars allows attendees to participate post event
  • Generates quality sales leads