Today the government prefers to deal with companies that deliver total solutions. They demand solutions to their problems and not just technology. This has resulted in the dramatic growth of  solutions providers and Federal Systems Integrators. It is estimated that over 80% of all information technology products and services are now delivered through this channel. This means that if your company cannot deliver a total solution, you need to team and market with a partner. Your challenge is developing an effective partner strategy that provides quick-access to the right partners and differentiates your company from the competition.

CMA Partner Program Marketing

CMA offers all the resources, expertise and tools necessary to develop and maintain a successful government partner program. Our custom solution is process-driven to insure a repeatable set of successful results. We start with developing a partnering plan that serves as your roadmap. We believe that a good partner plan begins with understanding the government buyers for your company's offerings. We identify the specific target agencies and buyers and validate they will be receptive to your offering as a part of a total solution. Finally, we contact the right partners and help deliver your message. Potential partners are most receptive to companies that have knowledge about their government clients and bring added value.


  • Proven past experiences to develop your government partner program
  • Strong research capabilities to identify the right opportunities and partners
  • Access to key personnel at partner firms to team and leverage your sales
  • Experienced business development personnel to help market to the partners