The federal government offers significant growth opportunities for companies that make the proper investments. With an annual information technology market that approaches $100 billion, the challenge for technology companies is developing strategies and processes that will produce sustainable results. To succeed, companies need access to a range of government-focused resources and skill sets — sales research, personnel to develop the business opportunities, capture support, government contracting and access to the systems integrators.

CMA Business Development Program

CMA offers all the resources and tools necessary to grow your government business. Our services are process-driven to insure a repeatable set of successful results. We start with developing a business development plan that serves as our roadmap. We then identify the target agencies, market segments and opportunities; assign resources to qualify the opportunities and provide access to federal contractors and systems integrators to be teaming partners. Finally, we provide capture, price-to-win strategies and contracts support for the targeted opportunities.


  • Proven strategies and processes to grow your government business
  • Quick start to gain access to emerging opportunities
  • Experienced business development personnel to develop and capture business
  • Access to the federal systems integrators to team and leverage sales


Program Pursuit