Once you have made a decision to submit a response to a government solicitation, your next step is to form a Capture Team. Your goal is to submit a compliant proposal that produces the lowest overall evaluation… a winner. This means you will need to be concerned about many issues in a short timeframe - a thorough understanding of the technical requirements, creating a winning proposal theme, knowledge of the evaluation criteria, impact of the contract clauses and developing the Price-To-Win strategies. Once these issues are addressed competent technical writers and financial personnel must quickly prepare the proposal. The challenge for many companies is that all the required expertise may not be available internally.

CMA Program Capture Support 

CMA offers many of the special skills to address the needs of Program Capture teams. Many of these skills are available from our staff of experienced business development and contracts personnel. Others are available through our strategic partners. We have assisted a wide range of companies during our twenty five year history. Recent engagements have included a telecommunications firm's bid to a DOD solicitation, a major financial institution responding to a multi-billion dollar government-wide financial services RFP, and Price-To-Win strategy support for a multi-billion dollar government IT professional services firm.


  • Expert knowledge of the government acquisition process
  • Experienced business development, capture support and contracts personnel to support your team
  • Critical expertise in developing your Price-To-Win strategies
  • Access to supplemental resources when needed