The number one problem sited by marketing and sales executives at technology companies is maintaining a pipeline of qualified sales leads. Traditional marketing communications programs such as advertising, direct mail and trade shows are expensive. While generally good in building awareness and a brand, they are less effective in generating sales leads. There is a need today for a new and innovative strategy that solves this problem and allows you to — get ahead of the sales curve.

CMA LeadGen Program

This innovative program is designed for technology companies marketing enterprise solutions to government. It is target-market driven with agreed to metrics and delivers qualified sales leads on a periodic basis. Each lead is fully documented with buyer requirements and timelines. Our process-driven program insures a repeatable set of successful results. We start by establishing the goals and metrics of the program. We then select the target audience, send marketing messages and direct the recipients to a solution-specific web landing page. Finally, we personally contact the target audience and qualify them as sales prospects.


  • Offers a fast start to reach buyers in the federal, state, local and education markets
  • Our sales leads are fully qualified and documented
  • Increases productivity of your business development and sales personnel
  • Proven cost-effective lead generation program with excellent ROI