Developing sound business and marketing plans are a necessity in today’s market. The rapidly changing environment in government requires companies to constantly re-evaluate their strategies. Both new companies entering the market or established firms expanding to new market segments need to develop strategies and a road map before commencing with the sales process. The size, diversity and changing market dictates a need for all serious players to develop government-specific marketing plans.

CMA Process

The Go-To-Market Plans developed by CMA are results-oriented and follows a proven methodology. We start by creating your government value-proposition and message. We then identify the target agencies and opportunities for your company; perform an analysis of the agencies buying preferences; develop the marketing, business development, channel and contracts strategies; and finally define a process to implement and monitor your progress.


  • Develops the target entry strategies to reduce time-to-market
  • Defines the investments to achieve anticipated sales
  • Builds a sales pipeline of target opportunities to pursue
  • Offers a fast start and increased productivity of your sales personnel
  • Eliminates false starts