CMA Affinity Program

Most solution providers rarely have the necessary resources to deliver the total solution independently. Delivering maximum value to a customer is accomplished by establishing and sustaining meaningful partnerships between complementary organizations.

The goal of the CMA Affinity Partnership Program is to develop and sustain partnerships with complementary solution-focused professional services firms that realize enabling mission and service delivery for government clients is the essential end result. The key Partnership attributes include:

  • Sharing of common solutions focus and expertise
  • Focused on common customers
  • Common quality and integrity values


CMA Value to Partners

A key CMA value-add to the partnership is its access, leadership and ability to offer innovative and highly competitive products and services directly through the Federal Government’s most preferred and largest Government Wide Acquisition Contracts [GWACs. CMA holds small business prime contracts on: 

  • GSA Schedule IT Group 70

The Affinity Program also provides access for all team members to other various socio-economic business classes to meet the small business procurement goals of government.


Affinity Program Participant Benefits

  • Ability to be pre-positioned to respond to opportunities requiring a total solution
  • Access to product solutions from leading manufacturers
  • Leverage CMA’s marketing, business development and sales capabilities – including focused market research, agency and procurement specific research, inside sales, lead generation, and outbound programs and events
  • Leverage CMA’s procurement, program management and contract management expertise
  • Collaboration between CMA Affinity Program Partners

To Learn More about CMA's Affinity Partner Program, contact John Frey at 703-917-7729 or by email,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.