The dynamics in federal Procurements is rapidly changing. “Doing more with Less” most accurately represents today’s environment in government. Budget reductions, sequestration, an uncertain political landscape and conflicting investment priorities have contributed to the challenges facing government executives in acquiring Information Technology assets.

With the continuing limitations and reductions in capital acquisition dollars, government buyers are increasing looking to using operating expense dollars to acquire information technology - allowing for faster acquisitions, cost predictability and ease of provisioning.


Value of Financing for Government

The growth of the “As-a-Service”, utility computing and cloud computing models is changing the way government procures enabling technologies and solutions. Government agencies are now more receptive to the use of new financing models as an acceptable alternative to the outright purchase of their Information Technology assets. The focus today is on meeting the mission and not necessarily the ownership of IT assets. Financing provides the following Value:

§  Accelerates implementation of new mission-critical technology and technology refreshes

§  Offers flexible terms and payments to meet budget limitations related to capital budget and “color-of-money” limitations

§  Simplifies budgeting and planning by establishing annual expenditures and reduces budget spikes with outright purchases

§  Frees scarce budget dollars to address other mission critical priorities


Value for Vendors and Contractors

Offering alternative financing options in all sales proposals has tremendous benefits.

§  Helps meet customer challenge of doing “More with Less”

§  Enables up front revenue recognition of the transaction

§  Supports delivering solutions sooner

§  Differentiates your solution from the competition


CMA Value-Add Benefits

CMA has excellent prime contractor past performance in executing major, multi-year financing transactions in the federal market. We have access to reliable funding sources from major financial institutions to execute the financing of government acquisitions. CMA holds contracts, as a small business prime contractor, for the three major Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts – GSA Group 70 IT, NASA SEWP V and NIH CIO-CS to execute the financing transactions.  


For more information about our financing solutions and learn how CMA can help accelerate your business, contact Nik Scalise This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  at 703-917-7724.