Meet The Ultimate Connector, Cognitio’s Don Begley, At AFCEA West

AFCEA West Conference San Diego 17-19 Feb 2016

Cognitio's Don Begley is one of the most connected business executives in the federal technology ecosystem. Don is highly regarded for his ability to help find the right solutions for critically important mission needs, and is one of the most sought-after mentors for those with urgent needs or highly impactful capabilities. He is also renowned for his ability to serve in a capacity Malcom Gladwell described as a "Connector" in his book The Tipping Point.

Gladwell described "Connectors" by several criteria. First and foremost is the fact that they know lots and lots of people. That is Don Begley for sure. Don knows and has helped so many people. I am reminded of that fact myself periodically when meeting a person I have never met before and they say something like: "Oh you are from Cognitio, do you know Don Begley?"

But a more important criteria of the Connector is the fact that they are good at introducing people and they frequently do just that. Connectors like Don serve as a human social network, able to keep thousands of connections linked together. If you are in the federal technology world and don't know Don, my recommendation is that you seek him out and meet him at your earliest possible convenience.

If you will be at the AFCEA West conference in San Diego 17-19 Feb 2016 this will be a great opportunity to meet Don yourself. Don will be there with teammates including DataPoint Consulting and CMA, Inc helping ensure government mission owners with need for cloud computing and cybersecurity expertise are aware of the latest services and solutions available from industry. This team can show you how to access both cybersecurity consulting and cloud transition services via a pre-competed Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) held by CMA.

To connect with at Don at AFCEA West or elsewhere you can reply to any of our newsletters or contact us at Cognitio.

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