June 10, 2015 GWAC Solutions News

CMA GWAC Kickoff June 10, 2015

On June 10th with more than 100 industry, technology, and government leaders and executives in attendance – CMA, along with its partner Merlin International, held its 2015 Contract Awards Kickoff event to mark the beginning of the initial five years for both the NASA SEWPV and NIH CIO-CS Government-wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs).

The theme of the kickoff was “Delivering on the need for Total Solutions”. As a “next generation” GWAC Contract Holder – CMA in one of the few GWAC sources positioned to leverage all three GWAC Contract Vehicles: GSA, SEWPV, and CIO-CS; with the additional advantage of its status as a small business – ready to serve federal clients in meeting their small business procurement goals.

The Kickoff was highlighted by the participation of executives from both the NASA SEWP and the NIH NITAAC Program Offices. Serving as keynote speakers Representing NASA's SEWP Program Office was Mr. George Nicol, and Mr. Todd Schwartzrock represented NIH's NITAAC CIO-CS Program.Joe Corini, CMA President and CEO, remarked that “it was significant to be able to have both representatives at the same event … delivering such a strong and clear messages relative to each program’s emphasis on total solutions; as well as express their enthusiasm for new contract awardees, such as CMA, to bring new energy and perspective to the GWAC programs".



George Nicol [NASA]  with Joe Corini - CMA

Todd Schwartzrock [NIH] with Joe Corini - CMA