During our 28 year histroy, hundreds of technology companies – large and small – have chosen CMA for needed assistance in marketing, business development, contracts and for the sale of their solutions.  View selected client and vendor engagements describing the services provided to support their sales to federal, state and local government agencies.


Business Development Services


Battelle (Memorial Institute) is a global science and technology enterprise that develops and commercializes technology and manages laboratories for government and industry. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Battelle has a vast science and technology reach. Battelle, with the national labs it manages or co-manages, oversees 19,000 staff members and conducts $3.4 billion in annual research and development.

CMA Solution

Battelle was faced with increased competition from private sector companies for business with the federal government. CMA was selected from a list of outside firms to advise and assist them to better understand how to improve their win rate on government business. CMA assisted on dozens of tasks including developing Price-To-Win strategies for a number of major competitive solicitations, analyzing their GSA schedule business and professional services labor rates, conducting competitive analysis studies of the major federal systems integrators and making recommendations on organizational changes to improve their competitiveness.


JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) is a leading global financial services firm with assets of $1.4 trillion and operations in more than 50 countries. The firm is a leader in investment banking, financial services for consumers, small business and commercial banking, financial transaction processing, asset management, and private equity. They are the world's largest credit card issuer, with an annual charge volume of over $390 billion.

CMA Solution

JP Morgan Chase needed assistance in preparing a response to the General Services Administration (GSA) SmartPay competitive procurement. This government-wide program issues and manages the credit cards for all agencies. It is one of the largest programs in government with purchases of over $20 billion annually. CMA was selected from a list of business development firms to help guide them through the process of submitting a winning proposal. CMA became an integral member of a nationwide JP Morgan Chase team. Our capture support included win-theme development, proposal writing, live demo and orals support and red team reviews.

Marketing Services


Hewlett Packard is a leading IT company with worldwide 2013 revenues of over $112 billion and a team of 317,000 employees. HP also leads in the Public Sector marketplace and is one of the largest companies in the federal market.

CMA Solution

CMA has been one of Hewlett Packard's public sector partner since 2000. During this period, we have executed hundreds of marketing and business development tasks. The ultimate goal of all these tasks — to generate qualified sales leads for the sales organization.

CMA has supported the HP Public sector federal team for slaes to federal and state government agencies in the design, message and content development, management and the implementation of sales campaigns for a number of enterprise solutions. CMA produced, directed, and acquired audiences for multiple customer-facing events in Washington and field locations, managed the tactical webinars and conducted a continual series of targeted lead generation campaigns. We also developed Agency Playbooks for a target set of government agencies as well as provided training to support their business development organization.


With more than $75 billion in annual revenues and a workforce of 217,000, Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) is one of the world's leading providers of communications services. The acquisitiojn of MCI added significant presence and capabilities to the Verizon Domestic Telecom federal government unit.

CMA Solution

CMA performed a variety of services for both MCI and Verizon that has included business development, marketing and government contract support. CMA provided assistance to market the Business Internet solutions in the education market and supported the addition of internet solutions to the Verizon GSA schedule contract.


Cisco Systems, with revenues of over $35 Billion is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Today, networks are essential to the successful operation of businesses of every size, and to service providers, governments, and homes around the world.

Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings are used to create the Internet solutions that make these networks possible - giving individuals, companies, and countries easy access to information anywhere, at any time. The Cisco name has become synonymous with the Internet, as well as with the productivity improvements that networked business solutions provide.

CMA Solution

CMA has assisted the CISCO federal marketing organization increase its marketing presence with their federal government buyers and channel partners. The tasks have been varied covering a broad spectrum of Cisco's solutions. We have helped develop strategies and programs for a number of their solutions, produced and managed out-reach programs and customer promotions and provided general marketing support services.



Value Add Remarketer Services

Teradata, a New York stock exchange listed firm, is a global leader in enterprise data warehousing and analytic solutions. They deliver an affordable family of purpose-built platforms, with high performing technology and innovative industry-specific solutions that enables their customers to solve a wide range of data warehousing and business challenges. Many of the fortune 100 companies as well as federal, state and local government agencies use Teradata technologies to solve problems and make strategic decisions. 

CMA Solution

CMA has been a partner since 2009 in the support of the Teradata Governments Systems team.  CMA has become a trusted partner and team member with a number of Teradata's major federal and state government customers. CMA was initially selected to help revitalize their GSA schedule program. Today CMA provides complete managed services of all Teradata products and services on a number of CMA's direct contractual vehicles held with federal and state governments.

CMA has executed, as the Prime Contractor, on a number of large-scale implementations of Teradata data warehousing and analytics solutions in civilian, DOD agencies and state governments. These contract awards required CMA to provide a complete suite of hardware and software, professional services for the design and implementation of the solution, and maintenance and support for a five year period. We also provided lease financing of the hardware and software to federal customers unable to obtain capital expenditure dollars.

Neustar, Inc. is a public firm traded on the New York Stock Exchange and the leading provider of real-time information and analytics for the internet serving industry and government and a provider of clearinghouse and directory services to the global communications and internet industries.  Through thier acquisition of TARGUSinfo in 2011, they are a leader and trusted source for name, address and phone data that organizations use as they interact with customers and prospects. Public sector law enforcement officials at the federal, state and local levels use Neustar data to assist in their investigations and emergency notifications.

CMA Solution

Federal customers were advising the client to obtain government-wide contractual vehicle to support their growing federal sales organization. Rather than pursue a direct contract, the client choose CMA to add their solutions to the CMA GSA Schedule contract. This resulted in a timely award of less than 30 days. Since the initial award, CMA has been a close partner in matters dealing with thier public sector customers. 

We provide all contract management for thier government offerings, assist their federal representatives develop sales strategies, handle customer inquiries and sales quotes and processes all orders. This has allowed the federal sales team to spend time on selling while CMA handles the contractual matters.